Salman’s gift to Sonu

It was a moment that Sonu Sood will cherish forever.

At the bash, where the who’s who of the film was celebrating Dabangg’s success, Sonu was taken unawares by Salman’s impromptu, but warm gesture. "Everyone at the party was busy accepting congratulatory wishes and then suddenly Salman appeared before me and congratulated me for doing a good job in the film. I was taken aback by this surprise move," says he.

Giving us a few more details of the small encounter, Sonu says, "After that, Salman took off his Being Human watch and told me that I deserve this and put it on my wrist. This touched me a great deal. I have a weakness for watches and he gave me something that I will really remember for a long time. In fact, so pleasantly shocked I was by the gesture that I didn’t know what to do and just took off my designer watch and asked him to wear it! He kept it for a while and then gave it back saying, ‘There will be many more opportunities I am sure when you can gift me something.’ Saying this he went away. It’s a gesture that will be indelible in my memory."

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