Salman’s costly dance!

Most of the big stars in Bollywood will shake their legs in a high-profile wedding events and it is a common there.Big stars will demands a huge price to dance in the events, now Bollywood actor Salman Khan has reportedly charged Rs 3.5 Crore for dancing at a richie-rich wedding in Delhi, which was held on Thursday February 14, 2013..As per the reports a noted political leader has paid this amount to the actor for the wedding in his house in Delhi.

On the other hand, the high-profile marriage function that happened in Delhi was so lavish that even the baraatis had a gala time. A source close to the function revealed that just for a game of Housie they had prizes like luxury cars and air tickets to Paris for winners.

So, Rs 3.5 Crores to Salman for dance in the event is not a big deal for that leader.

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