Salman plays hero for Sadhana

Salman Khan has come to the rescue of veteran actress Sadhana, after she said that a builder in Mumbai has been harassing her.

Salman posted on his Twitter page, "Who is this builder who is making sadhana aunty’s life miserable, threatening her that he vil cut her to bits n no body doing anything abt it?"

Sadhana met the Mumbai police commissioner last week after builder Yousuf Lakdawala allegedly threatened to kill her if she didn’t vacate her flat in Mumbai’s Santacruz area. He is believed to have said that her body parts wouldn’t be found after the murder.

Salman added, "Can u believe this that in this day n age this kind of stuff happens in our country whr a living legend’s life is hell, janta support needed."

He added about the actress, "Sadhna aunty, remember frm whr the sadhna cut came in to fashion ? She used to b a big star in the 60’s n 70s."

Sadhana, who’s 69 now, was famous for her fringe in those days and acted in many hits including ‘Love In Simla’, ‘Ek Musafir Ek Hasina’ and ‘Ek Phool Do Mali’.

Salman added soon after, "Itna support n this soon. I believe every thing can b sorted across the table, sum believe under the table all v hv to do is get em across."


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