Salman plays bodyguard to a young kid!

‘Dabangg’ star Salman Khan surely knows how to win hearts, specially that of children.

Apparently, the filmstar, while shooting for his upcoming release ‘Bodyguard’ saw a young kid waiting for him for eight long hours with a special request.

The kid’s wish was that Salman should act like his bodyguard while he takes him on a bike ride, wherein the bike was actually a toy bike that runs on battery.

The kid waited for hours and ultimately managed to meet the star and expressed his wish.

Sources revealed that the little kid learned that Salman was shooting for a film in the vicinity and thus came on his bike along with his parents to meet his favourite actor. This was not all, the child who hopped around the sets just wouldn’t leave without meeting Salman and get his wish fulfilled.

The kid waited for patiently without giving up on hope. Salman was shooting an action scene. Learning about the long wait of this young fan he took a break after his shot and rushed to visit the kid.

Salman, who plays the character Lovely Singh in Bodyguard, fell in love with the boy’s innocence and his determination to meet him, sources close to the actor said.

He immediately agreed to play the child’s Bodyguard and take him on a ride despite of his busy shoot schedule.(PTI)

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