Salman missed flight and had argument with officials

Superstar Salman Khan, who has recently created a big controversy with his ‘Rape’ comments, has just created yet another controversy.

Salman Khan Missed Flight
Salman Khan Missed Flight

As per reports, Salman Khan has clashed with the staff of Vistara Airlines by which he was supposed to fly to Delhi. Apparently, the Sultan star reached the Mumbai airport 20 minutes late hence he was not allowed to board the plane bound for Delhi. Salman requested the officials to make him an exception and let him aboard the flight, but his requests were turned down as per the airline rules.

The airline officials did not care about the superstar status of Salman and refused to let him aboard the Delhi flight even after the star argued with them.The superstar had a wait at the Mumbai airport for some time to board the next flight bound for Delhi.

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