Salman Khan’s hit and run case adjourned to April

Salman Khan’s Veer Campaign raises 1 Crore
The trial that was to happen in relation with Salman Khan’s hit and run case was once again adjourned to a fresh date. April 8th will see a trial happening once again. Out of the three witnesses who were called to witness and re-examine, one was untraceable and the other two did not show up at the court. This caused the sessions court to move the trial to a new date.

On Sep 28, 2002, Salman Khan ran over few pavement dwellers sleeping near a bakery in Bandra West, while driving his Toyota Land Cruiser SUV in an inebriated state. The incident that shook the City saw one person killed instantly while the other three were injured badly.

The trial to this incident started only on September, nearly after four years. The magistrate court framed Khan with close to 10 charges on Oct 6, 2006, as filed by IANS.

Salman, who was evidently a reformed person after this traumatic incident, took to a lot of humanitarian activities. His recent initiative, Being Human, is catching up with great response with a fundraising of nearly 1 crore that happened in the form of Veer Campaign.

Personal traumas apart, Salman was alleged to be abusive towards his girlfriends in the past. The most obvious one being that with his one time serious partner Aishwarya Rai, who claimed that Khan resorted to physical abuse. Not so lucky with relationships either, Salman had come a long way being single for a significant period of time, putting himself to be one of the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood today.

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