Salman Khan’s 3.5 crore deal?

We all know Salman Khan charges a hefty sum when it comes to his deals. But it is in the air that the superstar has demanded around Rs. 3.5 crore to inaugurate a banquet hall in UK.


Sallu Mia’s time is very essential and for that he charges good sum, and that is pretty evident to all. It is heard that an Indian Business family, has approached Salman to inaugurate a banquet hall in London, which requires his presence for two days. As there would also be interaction with fans, and Salman is required to put up an act. For this Salman asked for 3 crores. But since the program is falling upon a weekend, Salman has demanded 50 lakhs more, for his staff’s travel and accommodation.

The reports are still not confirmed from Salman’s end. But we hear that the deal is yet to be finalized. The gala opening is likely to be next month. Since Salman is a superstar, the family is ready to shell out such hefty sum.

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