When Salman Khan went unrecognized!

Salman Khan is known for his act of charity to those in need. That apart the big hearted star is also famous for his gifting acts. These include gifts to fellow actors and filmmakers such as Rolex watches costing lakhs of rupees and his valuable self made paintings that can fetch high amounts in auctions. But nowadays the actor is on a charity spree for even strangers. 

A close pal of Salman revealed, “A few days back, Salman was traveling from his Bandra Apartment to R.K. Studios in Chembur in posh SUV. For reaching Chembur from Bandra one has to pass the infamous Dharavi area. As he was passing through his car was stuck there in a traffic jam. That is when a small beggar kid came to his window and started begging for alms. The good hearted star that he is, he rolled down his window instead of ignoring the poor kid. The kid continued begging and since his car was stuck in the jam, Salman got talking to him. As he was talking to the kid, Salman realized the kid genuinely didn’t recognize that it was Salman Khan the star he was talking too and must have thought that he is some big rich businessman. So touched was Salman by the kid’s innocence that he got him inside his car and gave him few packets of imported chocolates and some money before zooming off ahead.” 

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