Salman Khan teases Katrina Kaif, calls her Katrina Kapoor

salman khan teases katrina kapoor

Arpita’s wedding has not only become the talk of the town for its grandeur and Celebrity Quotient, but also for the bouts of gossip the wedding has raised, which we can’t help but notice.

We know that Katrina Kaif was an attendee at the Gala Affair at Taj Falaknuma Palace, and her alleged beau Ranbir Kapoor was not invited. Despite their fallout as a couple in the past, Katrina and Salman have always remained amicable. Her attending the wedding was a testament of it.

Amidst all masti and mazak, Salman left no stone unturned to pull Katrina’s leg. It so happened that while performing on stage, the DJ played Katrina’s hit song, Chikni Chameli. Salman urged Kat to join him on stage, but an immensely shy Kat hid behind Karan Johar. Sallu then urged Karan to bring her on stage. While he was at it, Dabangg Khan quipped, “Ok fine, not Katrina Kaif. Katrina Kapoor, please come on stage!”

And that’s not it! Salman further continued in his jovial tone and cheekily said, “”Main kya karoon! I gave you a chance to become Katrina Khan, but you chose to be ‘Katrina Kapoor’!” And in return, Katrina just smiled and knew it was all bantering.

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