Did Salman Khan really propose Katrina on Arpita’s wedding day?

Salman at Arpita Wedding

Arpita Khan’s marriage in Hyderabad raised several interesting topics in South Indian film industry. Few mentioned that Katrina took charge of the marriage event just like the one which happens in her own home.

“Why Ranbhir Kapoor was not invited and why Sonakshi missed this event?” are all interesting topics on this wedding. Now, another aspect is doing rounds in the media. This is regarding Salman’s proposal to Katrina on Arpita Khan’s marriage.

As per those reports, Salman is stated to have proposed Katrina and she refused it. Salman is stated to have mentioned it on Arpita’s marriage. This is now the top topic in Bollywood media. We have to wait for some more time to know the truth in this concept.

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