Salman Khan Paid 32.5 crores to Tube Light distributors

After scoring more than ten hits in a row, the Bollywood super star Salman Khan has tasted a disaster in the name of Tube Light. This flick has ended with a loss of almost 60 crores for the distributors.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

The movie was released and declared a flop by the end of its first day itself and ended up with huge losses. Frightened distributors agitated in front of the makers and Salman Khan house. Its then the Salim Khan, the father of Salman Khan has promised them to compensate the losses by the end of July. Yesterday, Salman Khan himself has paid 32.5 crores of rupees as the compensation for the losses to the distributors. He has to pay another 30 crores to nullify losses and he asked more time to clear out the things.

If this is the case of Salman Khan, the trade analysts are worried about Baadshah Shahrukh Khan who got a flop in the name of When Harry Met Sally. The movie ended up as the biggest disaster in the year of 2017.

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