Salman Khan Launching Ram Charan Again in Bollywood

Mega power star Ram Charan has become a star hero in Tollywood in very short span.

Despite star directors are ready to work with him, he seems to have set his eyes at Bollywood. Even though his much expected Bollywood debut film ‘Zanjeer’ turned out to be a disaster, Ram Charan has not lost hopes and is silently having discussions with several filmmakers for re-launch.

Salman Khan and Ram Charan
Salman Khan and Ram Charan

There were reports that Charan will act with Salman Khan in a multistarrer. When questioned, Chaarn has denied this and said that he has no such plans. It is heard that the duo will not act in one film but Salman will produce a Hindi film starring Ram Charan. Salman had in fact given his word to Charan when he was working for Zanjeer.

Charan hopes that Salman’s charisma works for him for his re-launch.

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