Salman Khan Kick Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

Thumbs Up: Emotion mixed with Entertainment.

Thumbs Down: A few flaws here and there in the script.

Yawns: Not really! Salman Khan keeps you entertained.

Critique: Rachna Srivastava

When it is a Salman Khan film, one thing you need to be rest assured of is hearing a repertoire of ceetees and taalis, whenever Salman Bhaijaan is on screen. Coming on screen into full swing and fierce force, literally, Salman Khan amazes all.

Scintillation has a Kick too! Larger than life action is what Salman Khan films are synonymous with. And Kick delves into that persona easily, but then again there is a kick here too- it is different!

This ain’t any regular Sallu Mia flick, it really explores the space where this Being Human Khan shows how important and rare it is to be a Human in today’s era. Though Devil’s methods might not be in line with the societal standards and norms, but with a corrupted nation and heinous atrocities laded society, who are we kidding anyway.

It will not be wrong to deem it as an in-and-out Salman Khan film. But some dapper performances from Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, will add more ‘kick’ to the whole watching experience.

Star Performances:

Salman Khan has just delivered one of his best it seems. He acts with ease. Slips into the character, and adds too much quirk here and there. The level of ‘Kick’ he yearns to achieve, comes in bouts of adrenaline rush, for the star as well as for the viewers. The Superstar, in his own fun and humorous way gives away his message to the audiences. The human in Salman spoke in loud volumes throughout the second half. Whatever Bhaijaan does on screen is loved and adored by all Salmaniacs. Looking suave and dapper in many sequences, Devi Lal Singh a.k.a Devil, scores too well on the look-good-feel-good factor. The genre, Salman excels at is this, but little did I expect, that such lovely undertones would be attached to the screenplay.

Now if the Hero is hunky, there has to be more to stand out and leave your mark in the film. And that is what precisely Randeep Hooda does. He and his au naturale acting capabilities are nowhere less anything in comparison to Salman. He shines in his role and doesn’t at all disappoint. Distingue ́ is the word for him.

But the show and thunder is completely taken away from Salman and Randeep by the uber-talented, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He is as amazing as it gets in the movie. His acting potential is a bounty that seems never-ending. In every role of his, Nawaz just leaves you speechless. And with Kick and his role of Shiv Gajra, this man just leaves you applauding for his talent and versatility.


The film might not be picture-perfect, or flawless, but then again it will make its presence feel just the way it is. There are so many underlying messages, digs, implications, that you will take a minute and think back. Be it a dig at our hypocrite society, other sweet moments from Salman’s Dabangg avatar, the whole gig of retrograde amnesia, and of course the Divya Bharti Number in a Nadiawala film; Kick has other ways of giving kicks at everything. Kudos to Sajid Nadiawala, he doesn’t make you feel that it is his directorial debut.

There might even be places in the film, where you might question sanity as the unimaginable and unoriginal funda might lurk behind at the back of your mind. But then, in a Salman Khan film, all these ‘little little’ things are common, so do not worry or fuss more about it.

Final Word:

Comparing Kick to any critically acclaimed, gripping with intensity and hard core cinematic experience will be a totally wrong approach. It is a film which is to be enjoyed with friends and family, like a stress-buster. So just grab a huge tub of Masala Popcorn, lay back and enjoy ‘Kick’. It will surely give you the required amount of Entertainment Ki Kick!

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