Salman Khan has already Married Lulia?

While the Bollywood media is still publishing stories about when will Salman marry, a Romanian leading media house, ‘Click’ went on to publish that Salman has already married his Romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantur.

Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur
Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur

In its latest publication, ‘Click’ referred Lulia Vantur as ‘Doamna Khan’, which translates to ‘Royal Mrs Khan’. It is not sure what made the Romanian media house to think that Salman has already married Lulia. Has they got any lead on the secret wedding of Salman and Lulia? Or the media house thinks that Salman has married Lulia just because she takes part in all the family functions of Salman and has been living with him for few months?

Bollywood media is currently working with its sources to find out more on this. Recently, when Salman’s father Salim Khan was asked about his son’s marriage, he said he had no clue.

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