Salman Khan Crazy Fans


Well, even a super star like Salman Khan can feel like going to a mall for shopping and spending time away from film He has the right to roam around freely like any other normal person as well. Salman Khan Crazy Fans thronged a Dubai mall when the star visited the UAE recently.

Salman, always accompanied by few family members, decided to go to a mall in Dubai. He has a huge fan following there and the crowd had already gathered at the basement much before his arrival.

Watch the video here :!

Seen in the video, Salman Khan, doesn’t step out of his car until he gets a green light from his bodyguard Shera. It can be heard in the background that one of security person is telling the crowd, ” We don’t want to push anyone.”

A clear instruction is given by the actor to his team to not push anyone, especially the women.

One of the bodyguards of Salman Khan says, “Salman sir does not want us to push anyone. He understands the desperation of fans to meet him but he doesn’t want us to be rude to them. So we politely ask the fans to move.”

Well, given the kind of fan following Salman has, it is quite difficult to ‘politely’ move them from the way.

Salman Khan wil be seen next in “Kick” opposite Jacqueline Fernandes. The film marks the directorial debut of Sajid Nadiadwala.

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