Salman Khan Announces Jobs For His Fans

Superstar Salman Khan announced that his Twitter and Facebook followers would now be able to find jobs through his profiles. That’s right! Salman Khan Announces Jobs For His Fans!


Salman Khan took to Twitter to explain the application procedure and tweeted the following tweets :

Tweet 1 : “Next tweet read carefully n understand it, trying some thing different, if this works out then it cld b beneficial to sm of u. God bless.”

Tweet 2 : “Appna Face book is not jst for time pass, use it to find work. #Beinghumanjobs. Kaam ki cheez.

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Tweet 3 : “Everyone on my fb page who dn’t hve a job,Ive spoken to my frnds to hire n employ them,obviously u need to fulfill the requirement.”

Tweet 4 : “Lots of fans hv been saying that they don’t hv any job , so thought of this , superb if it works n u get jobs . Vil b v happy for u all .”

Tweet 5 : “Oh hello! Jobs mere saath ya mere pass nahi hai, aglag aglag company’s k saath hain who I hv worked vit ya jst friends helping out u n me.

His tweets were retweeted record number of times. Salman’s post on Facebook also received high number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. The fans were ecstatic on receiving job opportunities from their favourite star and therefore thanked him for the initiative.

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