Salman is in trouble with the Shiv Sena

Salman Khan’s ad for Chlormint chewing gum has not gone down well with the Shiv Sena. Activists from the Indian political party say that the TV ad featuring Salman ill-represent a cow, considered a sacred animal in Hinduism. The activiss burnt posters of Salman during a demonstration in Amritsar and demanded that the ad be taken off the air.

In the ad, Salman appears as a cowherd dressed in Rajasthani gear. A group of girls who come across him find it surprising that his cows have three horns instead of two. When they ask him about it, Salman asks the girls if they want ice-cream. He then feeds the cows Chlormint, after which he gets ice-cream instead of milk from them, and offers it to the girls.


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