Salman goes unnoticed!

Salman Khan, who can cause hysteria with his mere presence, managed to shoot a sequence in a crowded place in Mumbai without getting noticed for his film ‘Bodyguard’. The actor took to Flora Fountain in south Mumbai to shoot the scene, which required him to walk behind a woman as her bodyguard and then mingle with the crowd. The crew acted smart and installed hidden cameras on top of nearby buildings instead of attracting attention with handheld cameras and heavy equipment and even avoided extra security.

The shoot took place in the afternoon, during office hours, and Salman just walked with the crowd. When the shot got the thumbs up from the director, Salman just sat in his car and drove away, without anyone coming to know of his presence, said a source.

Though the entire unit was nervous for the shoot — especially since there was no security, Salman was quite confident about it.

All we can say, check who’s walking next to you…it can be Salman Khan!(IANS)

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