Saleem Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Saleem is the story of an international gangster who is smitten by a beautiful girl. He comes to India in search of her and how he wins over her love, despite stiff resistance by her is the story.  


The plot:

The plot is long winding and confusing. Saleem (Vishnu) is an international gangster. He bumps into Sathya (Ileana) in Bangkok, Dubai and Europe. Saleem is convinced that it is not mere coincidence and that Sathya is made for her. So he follows her all the way to India. Saleem wins over the hearts of Sathya’s family members and starts wooing her.


Sathya fools Saleem by acting as if she too has fallen in love with him. Sathya has been brought up in Europe as her father does not want her to be killed as he has a rival in Mukesh Rushi. Mukesh’s only aim in life is to destroy the family of Sathya.


Saleem learns about the evil designs of Mukesh Rushi and foils all his plans to harm Sathya and her family. Sathya’s father is so impressed with Saleem that he offers his daughter’s hand to him.


While the marriage arrangements are on. Sathya runs way from home. She has eloped with Venkat, a gangster in Europe. Sathya wants to marry Venkat and live in Europe. Venkat is the younger brother of Ogirala Jogaiah (Mohan Babu) a dreaded gangster.


Saleem arrives in Europe to take Sathya back and unite her with her family. Saleem is confronted by OJ and a defiant Sathya who is about to marry Venkat. The rest of the story is how Saleem manages to achieve his objective.


The actors:

Vishnu looks stylish and confident in the film. He looks great in trendy costumes. He however is still not up to the mark in the acting department. Mohan Babu gets a lot of build up but it fizzles out very fast. Venkat is okay. Ileana is used only to show off her hour glass figure and she does not disappoint. Kaveri Jha too gives a tough competition to Ileana as far as exposing goes.


Napoleon is dignified while the other star cast from Jayaprakash Reddy to MS Narayana, Tanikella Bharani, Ali, Mukesh Rushi etc are okay.


The bottom line:


Saleem is a film about love, joint family, values, integrity, revenge etc. etc. However director YVS Choudhary fails to build up the right tempo and make the film  interesting.


Despite spending lavishly on costumes, locations and settings, Saleem ends up as a long winding and dull and drab fare.

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