Sakuni Movie Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)


The traditional scheme of pushing the protagonist to the point of nothing to lose and the even more traditional comeback of HIS, which as per tradition is of epic proportions.

Kamal (Karthi) comes to the capital to save his ancestral house which is to be demolished to make way for a new government project. He tries appealing to the entire hierarchy of ministerial contacts, but, to no avail. When he finally meets the Chief Minister (Kiriti played by Prakash Raj), he is insulted and thrown out. Also learns that the corrupt CM is the one who ordered the project for his own benefits.

An auto driver (Rajni played by Santhanam) who mistakes Kamal for a millionaire is the audience figure to which Kamal’s past is narrated and later links Kamal’s story to Ramanakka (Radhika playing a violent local money lender); the link which helps Kamal to use his newly found political mastery.

Neighboring Standards

Even the most ordinary masala films of the neighbors have always been technically (at least) superior to our most celebrated blockbusters. Sakuni is below par on many Tamil standards and hence comes across a very Telugu.

The screenplay seemed happy with used up twists though there is ongoing gag (The Rajni-Kamal chats) which mocks clichés.


The tone of humor which constantly talks of punch dialogues and making entrances is a cliché for Tamil cinema, but, doesn’t work with the forced dubbing.

The constant talking ends up sounding noisy and so do the songs which seem to be there as per tradition and not as per narrative (whatever little of which we are trying to preserve).


Karthi’s presence overshadows a lot of ordinary writing, but, he falls prey to the image of a market defined hero who has to dance in costumes no one ever wears (not in any country).


The film’s most Telugu feature is its single minded focus on the star figure and lack of love for any of its other characters. And like most such obsessions, it slowly collapses.

Reviewed by Rohit
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