Sakthi movie review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is

A shame and brain less, crude, loud and over done compilation of all the major box office hits from the past few years.

Indians dressed as Egyptians in cheap clichés want to destroy India for strange untold reasons in this latest Meher fantasy. For which they need a magic stone and a magic sword. Battles were fought in the past over these badly designed objects (the sword in particular bears a great resemblance to one of those things a 5 year old would crave for in the local fair, IT WAS PLAIN AND CLEAR PLASTIC).

Rudra (the NTR with the desperate wig) had fought the actual battle 27 years ago and his son who was born on the field of battle (brilliant writing, totally original and brilliant) avenges his father’s death after he realizes that his current parents found him on a plank of wood in the river (listen carefully, not even one of those basket boats, a plain plank of wood and the just born should have had great balance to survive the length of the river).

And the son and the father put together have killed about two three hundred people may be, in their respective decades, what’s the whole point of being a hero if you hadn’t killed at least a hundred right.

What created the buzz?
As evidently brainless as the first half might seem, it did have an endurable tempo. And the little Pokiri twist at the end of the first half and the way it was presented did have a hysterical impact on the crowds. The theater full of people was on its feet, every single one of them.

What sinks you into the chair?
You get bored in a film and one thing I’ve always done and seen is sinking into the chair. This sort of blocks your view of the screen and you do it just for that. This is when the things on screen go from boring to repelling.

Fights were innumerable and they tend to go on forever. We’ve now passed the age of dodging bullets; we’ve entered the ‘dodge the rocket launcher’ era.

NTR is someone who never seems out of place on a silver screen but he needs to work with far better scripts to have the complete impact of his raw talent. In this film, he has nothing new to offer.

It was a high budget, grand, that, this Telugu film and hence there were plenty of other actors who were given their usual desk jobs and they are so very good at it.

Nassar is one who’s away from his desk this time, and he does well.

Ever bought one of those re-mix discs which ruin the good songs with terrible club mixes and presented as Hot Remixes, Most Wanted Remixes etc with a picture of an upcoming item girl for the cover.

This film is precisely THAT disc.

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