Sakshi reports anger Rosaiah

The Cabinet meeting on Thursday witnessed a row between the Chief Minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, and a group of ministers over the ‘leakage’ of secrets which deteriorated into offers of resignations from both sides.

An angry transport minister, Mr S. Vijayarama Raju, offered to quit if the Chief Minister did not trust him and added that several ministers were willing to follow suit. In a sharp response, Mr Rosaiah is believed to have said that he would be the first to step down. “Ok. Welcome. I will quit first if at all someone has to resign,” he quipped.

The trouble started when the Chief Minister made a sarcastic comment that the issues discussed in the Cabinet were leaked despite every minister claiming to be honest. Mr Raju then got up and told Mr Rosaiah that there was no meaning in the ministers continuing in the cabinet when the Chief Minister did not trust them.

“It seems you have no confidence in us,” he said. “We are branded as YSR group. I think our resignations will end this suspicion.” Mr Raju said several ministers were of the same view and will quit enabling the CM to fill the Cabinet with people of his choice.

The actual grouse of Mr Rosaiah was no minister was condemning reports published by Sakshi, a Telugu daily owned by Kadapa MP Mr Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy showing the government in poor light.

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