Sakshi escapes death!

MUMBAI, JULY 14 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Sakshi Gulati, who makes her debut with Ram Gopal Varma’s Contract, almost turned handicapped and lost her ability to hear, albeit for a few hours, during the shooting of the film. Recalling the incident the aspiring actress said, "It was an action scene that involved a bomb blast. I was tied to a tree and was leaning against it. Ramu was set to roll the camera. But neither the unit nor I was aware that I was standing at a wrong place, just a few steps away from the bomb. The minute Varma yelled "Action" the bombed ripped off shaking me completely out of gear. I was too shocked and stunned to react. It was almost a near death experience. The next thing I know is that I got all glass splinters in my hair and clothes and had suffered severe burn injuries at the back around the shoulder area. The impact of the blast was such that it left me completely deaf. I could not hear what Ram Gopal Varma and the unit members were trying to tell me. It was only after a gap of four hours that I could slightly begin to hear. My hearing abilities were completely restored only after seven hours. Imagine meri halat kya hoti thi had I stood the other way round. I dread to even think about it." Now this is what one calls paying a heavy prize for stardom!

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