Saif’s kids turned back from airport

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s children, Sara and Ibrahim, were turned away from the immigration counter of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport recently because their visa for travel to the UK had Saif as a guarantor, who was not with them. The kids are minors and a guarantor is mandatory for travel abroad.

Sara and Ibrahim, who were travelling with their mother, eventually had to fly two days later.

Amrita was flying with her kids to London and Saif Ali Khan was to join the trio in London from Morocco. However, Amrita had a harrowing time at the airport and could not board her flight (ironically despite having immigration clearance). She re-issued tickets, got her children’s visas organised and flew two days later.

Explaining the problem, an eyewitness at the airport reveals, “Amrita and kids weren’t allowed to board the flight as the visa had Saif as the guarantor and it was essential for the guarantor to fly with the kids. Amrita tried to make a few calls but nothing worked.

She argued with the airport officials but they threw up their hands saying, ‘Rules are rules’. To help them, the Mumbai airport officials called the London airport and checked with the immigration authorities, who also said that Amrita couldn’t fly with her kids on that day.”

Left with no choice, Amrita, Sara and Ibrahim went back home. The kids in particular looked very disappointed. They had come to the airport with a lot of excitement.

When contacted, Amrita confirmed and said, “Yes. This did happen. And I was very disappointed. More than me, Sara was disappointed. We took off to London but two days after this incident. The British High Commission helped us out.”

Admitting that it was her mistake, Amrita added, “Last time, Sara and Ibrahim flew abroad with Saif on one of his work visits. However, now I have their visa, which permits them to fly without any guarantors.”


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