Saif leaves Bebo for his kids!

Agreed, Saif Ali Khan’s reputation does precede him and he’s indeed known to follow girlfriend Kareena wherever she goes, come hell or high water. But recently, Saif donned his responsible daddy avatar, just to be with his kids and ex-wife Amrita.

Moreover, as reported by Mumbai Mirror earlier, Kareena is believed to be very uncomfortable around Saif’s children. In fact, she is known to avoid them whenever they are around. (Wonder why the plot of David Dhawan’s Biwi No. 1 comes to mind?) If that isn’t possible Kareena just moves back to her own apartment when the children are with Saif. Obviously, Saif is left with no option but to leave her company to be with his children.

So be it. After wrapping up his Agent Vinod schedule in Morocco, Saif quickly took off for London to spend quality time with his kids Sara and Ebrahim, who are currently holidaying in London with their mother Amrita Singh. Apparently, London is one of Amrita’s favourite holiday destinations and the kids too enjoy there whenever they go.

A source revealed, “Saif has been shooting for almost a month. He has been away from the country either shooting or doing recci for his home production Agent Vinod. The actor was shooting with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor in Morrocco for the film and luckily it was wrapped up way before schedule.”

One hopes Saif didn’t rush things… Apparently not. Saif didn’t want to come back to Mumbai as there was not much work here. He decided to fly to London, where his kids are currently holidaying with their mother Amrita Singh.

The source further added, “Amrita has a lot of friends in London and she ends up enjoying there even by herself. Saif is very attached to both his kids and keeps trying to spend as much time as possible with them.”

Turns out, Kareena is currently shooting in Mumbai and will be flying in a day or two to London. No, she is not planning to go there just to check what boyfriend Saif is up to; she has some of her shooting schedules for RA.One in London. Phew. Saif remained unavailable for comment.

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