Saif’ Ex-girl friends gives hot and sexy phot shots

She hails from Italy and there was a time she was the major limelight of the media in Bollywood and throughout India since she happened to be the sweetheart of a big star. She is none other than Rozza Catalano, the ex-flame of Saif Ali Khan.

Though her relationship with Saif left her with a swollen heart, the ravishing Rozza took it on her stride and has continued to be in Bollywood. She is known as a sizzler and is known for her sex appeal. Here she is, with a picture that can drive any sane man crazy.

Though Rozza has not got much to do in terms of movies, she is often seen as the hottest bombshell in the Bollywood circuit. True to her appeal, she has such an intense oomph factor that many feel it is like tasting the Italian spice. That’s Rozza for you folks.

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