Saif-Amrita’s marriage photo gone viral

Veteran Bollywood hero Saif Ali Khan has been leading a happy life with her present wife Kareena Kapoor. But his first married life memories are haunting him through the internet.

Saif Amrita Wedding
Saif Amrita Wedding

For the past couple of days, Saif Ali Khan’s first marriage photo with his ex-wife Amrita Singh is going viral. We can see young Saif looking ravishing and happy with Amritha. This pic was taken after their wedding day in the year 1991. They have two children and they got divorced in the year 2004. Later he married a top actress Kareena Kapoor recently. They have 8 months baby right now. Anyhow, this photo is trending in the top five lists in Bollywood.

Netizens are making fun of the nose ring of Amrita Singh as it is looking like Saturn rings. Amrita is happily married and leading a calm life.

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