Saif Ali Khan may lose his Padmashri?!

Saif Ali Khan is definitely and justifiably one of the Four Khans who have been at the top tier in Bollywood for decades now and it was a matter of pride for the versatile actor’s fans when he was awarded the Padmashri in 2010. But now it looks like what was once a national honour may end in petty disgrace!


Yes, the Indian Government is thinking of stripping the actor of the award for some legal hassles unbecoming of a Padmashri recipient!

An RTI activist named SC Agrawal was the one who initially lodged the complaint with the Union Ministry demanding that the award be taken away from the actor since a Mumbai Court was in the process of framing charges against the actor for a criminal offense.

Wondering what the offense is?

Well, allegedly in February 2012, the actor caused or was part of a scuffle at the Colaba Hotel in Mumbai, wherein he is said to have punched a South Africa based businessman and his father in law. Not just Saif, but two of his friends – Shaeel Ladak and Bilal Amrohi – too were part of this supposed assault.

All three had charges filed against them under the Indian Penal Code section 325 (assault) and section 34 (common intention). They plead not guilty in the court, earlier this year in March, when the charges were officially read.

When Mr Agrawal later checked on the status of his complaint through an application through the RTI, he was informed by the Union Ministry that the “matter is still under examination.”

So, what happens now? Will the actor lose his prestigious honour? How will the fans react to this?

And most of all, how come the actor has not come forward with a statement to the media and the people yet?

Sigh… questions and more questions…

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