Sai Dharam Tej and Dil Raju’s Movie Secrets!

Sai Dharam Tej and Dil Raju Secrets
Sai Dharam Tej and Dil Raju Secrets

Sai Dharam Tej, who is excited about his tomorrow’s release “Subramanyam for Sale,” is hopeful of a hit out of the film and leaves the producer- Dil Raju in profits. While Sai Dharam’s next three films also being produced by Dil Raju under Sri Venkateswara banner, questions raised over their agreement of doing continuous films.

“There isn’t any such secret agreement or such between Dil Raju Garu and me. It’s all about good stories that he is bringing me. The scripts that he brought to me were really, and good have talented directors to work with. In the early days, Mega Star Chiranjeevi used to have producer Kranthi Kumar along with him, who used to manage all his scripts and stories. Dil Raju does the same for me, but also produces. Overall he brings good stories and pay’s me well.” said Sai Dharam.

Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitam, Subramanyam for Sale, Tikka, Supreme-A/C DTS and Sathamanam Bhavathi are all being produced by Dil Raju and Sai Dharam was and will be seen as the hero in these films.

Previously the same Dil Raju had made three films with Allu Arjun namely Arya, Parugu and Yevadu.

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