Sachin’s remuneration for his biopic movie

The most excited biopic of Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar was released and got a thumping response all over. Let us see how much did the Legend charged for using him in the flick.


Known as the greatest batsman in this world, he is the most richest cricketer in his contemporary times. Such hero’s life is made as a movie in Bollywood with expectations touching sky high. Opened with mixed to positive response, the makers are happy with the movie’s talk. Sachin who has acted in this flick and gave legal rights to use his name and story has got 35 crores of remuneration. For the biopic of Dhoni, it was speculated that he took 45 crores as his remuneration. Compared to Dhoni, Sachin’s remuneration is reasonable as he also acted in this movie unlike Dhoni for his biopic.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams is an emotional journey of this living Cricket legend has collected 17 crores in its first two days. The movie is expected to get more crores in the following days.

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