Sachin Tendulkar’s Review on Aamir Khan’s PK Movie

Sachin on Aamir PK Movie Review

Cricket Star Sachin Tendulkar revealed his first review on Aamir Khan’s “PK”. As per the statement of Sachin, “PK” was a top level movie which will break all the records in India. Amir Khan appeared in the most interesting format and he is unbeatable with respect to action.

Sachin, watched special screening of “PK” which was arranged by Amir on Tuesday. He gave his review soon after coming from the screening. He humorously mentioned that he won’t reveal the story as he promised not to say about the story to the media to maintain the suspense factor.

Speaking on the role of Amir Khan, Sachin mentioned that Amir was his best in this interesting role and this is the best flick he has ever seen. A part of “PK” secrets came out to the media now and we have to see how film lovers raise the flick further.

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