Sachin Joshi calls Bandla as a Wolf

Young actor Sachin Joshi carved a niche for himself with Sampangi movie. However, he has been desperately waiting for a hit, and despite several disappointments, he has been testing his luck with a new film after a brief gap. He had clashes with producer Bandla Ganesh, and Sachin even filed a complaint on the producer for cheating him.

Sachin Joshi
Sachin Joshi

In a recent media interaction, Sachin attacked Bandla Ganesh when asked about him. He compared him to a wolf, and he said that even dogs are better and honest, but Bandla Ganesh is even worst.

He said “It was during Orey Pandu, Bandla Ganesh came and introduced himself, and he was in deep financial crisis during that time. I supported him in all the available ways, and we jointly produced films. He showed me a loss of Rs 27 crores after which he submitted fake cheques and promissory notes. It was because of his parents, I restricted myself and proceeded legally. Actors like NTR never allowed him inside, and when I met NTR once, he welcomed me and asked Bandla Ganesh to stay outside”.

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