Rumours On Rajini’s Health

As the release buzz of 2.O is growing steadily with each passing day, there is a lot of negative buzz surrounding Super Star Rajinikanth on the social media. Unexpectedly, the speculations are rising that his health got damaged and he has been hospitalized.

Rajinikanth Health
Rajinikanth Health

On Friday evening, a lot of rumors took a rise on the social media revealing that Rajini has been hospitalized. But, within no time, Rajinikanth’s official PR Riaz has released a statement confirming that Rajinikanth is healthy and was not hospitalized. He condemned the rumors and requested the fans not to believe and spread them.

“Superstar is safe, sound and healthy. He is currently in Chennai and will be attending an event on Saturday. Don’t believe the rumors.” revealed the PR of Rajini.

On the other side, Rajinikanth’s Petta is also entering into the promotional phase now.

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