Why rumors are raising on Samantha?

Rumors are raising to peak level on Samantha in the recent times. As per the details, buzz raised in the media that she is going to marry a comedian. Previously, she was linked with hero Siddharth. Of course, these two actors were spotted most of the times in events and parties.

Samantha Rumors

“When there are several heroines like Kajal and Tamanna, why only Samantha is facing this kind of rumors?” turned out to be the point. Analysts are showing the statements of Samantha as the answer for this question. It is known that Samantha revealed that she is in love with a person who is not from the industry.

As Tamanna and Kajal didn’t make such statements, they were not haunted by the media. Few analysts stated that it is all Samantha’s wish to get more following through that statement and now she is the one who is enjoying it.

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