Rudra Productions No.1 launched in USA!

Atlanta, USA September 2nd 2011  :

Rudra Productions maiden venture Production # 1 (working title), is a romantic comedy set in U.S. This is a beautiful love story with a feel good factor and a unique presentation targeted towards youth and family audience. The movie is introducing Revanth Korukonda and Rajitha Reddy as the lead pair and also showcasing a number of new talents in other key roles.         

 The Muhurat shot was filmed on the lead pair at the Sai Baba temple in Atlanta on August 26th, 2011. The function was attended by local dignitaries of Atlanta Telugu community like Narender Reddy Garu who switched on the camera, Chand Akkineni Garu gave the Muhurtham Clap and Ravi Ponangi Garu initiated the shoot.

Kiran Meegada, while speaking on the occasion said that “For the first time in the Telugu film industry, we are shooting a film completely using the latest Digital technology and the visuals are surely going to be eye catching. While this is primarily a love story targeted towards youth, we made sure that we have all the ingredients to provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family. People whether in U.S or back home will be able to identify themselves with the characters, as they are very real and the situations are straight out of our daily lives.

Arun Rudra, who also provided story for this film said that “We are doing the film in three schedules. The main casting is all Telugu speaking who migrated to U.S. We are fully confident that the love story, comedy, emotions and situations will resonate well with people back in India

Producer Raja Sekhar Kandukuri is making sure that we don’t compromise on the look or quality of the film. Executive Producers Suresh Mulakala and Gautham Reddy promise to show locales in the US which have not been shot before.

 Murali Pallikonda is handling the camera, Michael Makhal is being introduced as the Music Director and the dialogues are by debutant Siva Somayajula.

 We are making sure that we are using the latest available technology at our disposal and we promise to present a visual feast. The shoot will wrap up after completing three schedules in US, Europe & India and we plan to release it end of the year.”

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