Rs 5 Lakhs For a Heroine For 5 Minutes

With just one blockbuster hit, the heroines in the film industry need to increase their bank balance. Yes, you heard it right. Recently, RX 100 fame actress Payal Rajput achieved it and now she is capitalizing on the success.

Payal Rajput Remuneration
Payal Rajput Remuneration

According to reports, Payal Rajput offered live performance during Zee Comedy Awards. She was paid Rs 1 lakh for every minute she danced on the stage. Duration of her dance is around 5 minutes and the payment she received is more or less equal to that of her debut flick remuneration. She charges Rs 5 lakhs for 5 minutes performance in an event.

Well, Payal Rajput grabbed many eyeballs with her bold portrayal in ‘RX 100’. It is heard that she now have every right to demand a fancy price for her call sheets.

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