Rs 20 lakhs for Actress Wigs

Playing a role that is inspired by the legendary actress Madhubala in Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai, is surely keeping Kangna Ranaut in high spirits.


And the fact that she gets to sport as many as 12 hairdos in the film can only add to her glee. Or shall we say glue… because these hairdos are actually 12 different wigs. And a whopping 20 lakhs were spent on all these wigs to create 12 looks for Kangna.


Confirming all this, Kangna says, “Several stylists have worked with me in the film. Milan wanted not just a retro look but also international ones at the same time.


As a result they got the best hairstylists in the industry and they came at an expensive price.” The word “expensive” seems a tad inadequate though.

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