Rs 20 Crores Spent For Anushka’s Look in Baahubali 2

For any movie, makers always try to reduce the production cost. But for the visual grandeur Baahubali-2, the producers spent 20 crores for just a heroine.

Anushka in Baahubali2
Anushka in Baahubali2

It’s is worth to spend crores on a hero or heroine provided his/ her look is main for the movie. But the team of Baahubali has spent 20 crores on Anushka not for the costumes but for her look. In Baahubali-1, she looked slim and beautiful throughout the movie. After that, she turned plumb for critically acclaimed flop flick Size Zero. As she failed to reduce her gained weight, Rajamouli continued to cast her in part two as she was the crucial role in the movie. Her looks are obviously differing in both the parts. Instead of going for graphics, director Rajamouli opted for reshooting the part one scenes. The producers are quite happy to spend anything on lead roles as the movie worth it.

Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad have spent 400+ crores on two parts. Rajamouli and Karan Johar are releasing this film on 28th April worldwide.

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