Rs 180 Cr Business for Aged Heroine!

Actress Anushka, who is 30 plus is still getting good offers in film industry.She is currently acting in 3 big budget films.Tollywood producers and directors are putting huge budget for their films to encash the Anushka’s craze in the audience.

Anushka is currently acting in Rajamouli’s Baahubali opposite Prabhas this film will be made with a huge budget of Rs 80 Crores.For this film Anushka is learning horse riding also.This movie credit will goes to Rajamouli and producers also putting more money based on Rajamouli-Prabhas’s craze.

Anushka is also acting in a film titled Rudrama Devi in the direction of Gunasekhar.Rana is also acting in this film.Gunasekhar is struggling hard to get a hit film and his last released films are dud at box-office.This film is being made with a huge budget of RS 50 crores and the producers investing this much money only because of Jejamma.Anushka is the main lead role in the film.

Anushka is also acting in another technically high range and a different film "Varna" in the direction of Selva Raghavan, who has earlier directed the “Aadavari Matalaki Arthale Verule” and “Yuganiki Okkadu” movies.This film is also being made with a huge budget of RS 55 Crores. In this film also Anushka is playing the main lead role.

So, the aged heroine who enters into Tollywood 10 years ago is still in demand and producers are coming forward to invest huge money for Anushka’s film.Now, overall producers are investing Rs 180 Crores on Anushka.That is Anushka’s craze in south.

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