Rowdy Fellow Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Rowdy Fellow Review: After few decent flicks like “Prathinidhi”, Nara Rohit took charge on Tollywood box office with “Rowdy Fellow”. This venture came up with high expectations with respect to the content of the flick. More over, Chandra Babu Naidu too promoted this venture by attending the audio launch function. All eyes got set on this venture and this flick came on to the screens today. Read on to know the content and the performances of the actors in this flick.


Nara Rohit (Rana Prathap Jayadev) is a guy who is full of ego. He does things giving priority to his ego. At an instance, he saves a guy and in this process he disturbs the rally of a minister Rao Ramesh (Durga Prasad). A police officer (Ahuthi Prasad) raises the temper of Nara Rohit and this turns the story. As this guy gives high priority to ego, he decides to become a police officer leaving his US life. How he turns into a cop and what he does with his new role forms the other part of the story.


Nara Rohit can be termed as a trend setter in Tollywood. In spite of audience giving high priority to commercial ventures, Nara Rohit took society related concepts till date. He performed well in these roles and got good appreciation from the critics. This time too, the same happened. Nara Rohit looked good as a cop with full of ego. He did justice to his role. The only issue which audience can see in Rohit is his weight. Vishaka Singh was not given high priority in this venture and her influence on this flick was not up to the mark. This flick is completely a hero – villain performance story. Rao Ramesh was given good scope and he did well as a villain. Posani too looked good with few hilarious instances.

Technical Aspects:

Dialogues were too good and the modulation in dialogues was well maintained. Even though they were simple ones, they have good meaning. Few dialogues were written keeping NTR and Chandra Babu’s image in mind. Music is not up to the mark and the romantic episode too is not well planned. Director gave high priority to the concept of ego and hence the roles of hero and villain were highlighted which led to the degradation of other episodes.

Lag factor too turned out to be a tough one for this flick. Cinematography, choreography and production values were all on average terms.

On an average:

On an average, this flick will entertain mass audience who like to see mass elements like powerful dialogues, hero and villain episodes and mass comedy. For class audience and the ones who are more towards romantic episodes, this flick may not touch the mark. In B and C centres, this flick is expected to touch the above average mark.

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