Rough Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Rough Review: After few decent entertainers, Aadi and Rakul Preet came up with the venture “Rough”. This flick turned out to be a testing one for both the star actors. This venture has the memorable actor Sri Hari. His role is stated to be one of the highlights of the flick. Read on to know whether the young actors passed this test or not.


This film is a judgement one between love and relationship. Just like Aadi’s previous flicks, this film too revolves round the concept of love and family emotion. Aadi falls in love with Nandu (Rakul Preet) in love at first sight fashion and he tries to woo her using different techniques. Meanwhile, Rakul’s brother Sri Hari enters the scenario and few instances takes place between Aadi and Sri Hari. Finally, Rakul too starts liking Aadi but few aspects comes in between them. What are those aspects and how this pair solves them turns the other part of the story.

Star Performances:

Aadi looked good in this flick and his dance moves to were improved. Rakul Preet looked like a glam doll in this venture. Her presence added more attractiveness to the flick. Sri Hari did good job and his scenes with Aadi matched the plot. At one instance, it looked like the film maker added few fight scenes to elevate and show Aadi’s six pack body.

Except those sequences, other sequences were well framed between the actors. Comedy track by Jayaprakash Reddy and Chandra appeared fine on screen.

Technical Aspects:

Production values were well maintained. It can be observed mainly in the songs of this flick. Film maker didn’t compromise on the cost that took to shoot the songs in exotic locations and it showed impact on the venture. Director was successful in elevating the mass angle in this flick.

Aadi was shown more towards mass side and the fights looked a bit odd in few scenarios. Music was fine and the songs picturization was well done. This will be a big add on for the lead pair as they looked good in songs. Other departments too were all fine in giving good output.

On an average:

Even though “Yemaleela 2” was released in good set of film theatres, we can expect this venture to take few of them in near future. Sri Hari factor will work out well in this case and the film unit gave good respect in the form of good output of this flick for Sri Hari. On an average, this is more towards mass audience.

Rating: 2.5/5

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