Ronaldo’s kids’ mystery mum dead!

London: The mystery mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s baby is ‘dead’, the Real Madrid winger’s sister has claimed.

According to the Sun, Katia Aveiro spoke out as she denied stories about the woman’s identity, but did not explain when or how she had died.

“There is no woman calling him. There is no mother, no telephone calls, nothing. His mother died. The baby doesn’t have a mother,” the tabloid quoted Katia, as saying.

“The boy is ours. I’m not going to say how he arrived with us. But I guarantee he’s my brother’s son, my nephew, from our blood,” she added.

When Ronaldo revealed in last July that he had become a dad, he said that the mother wanted to stay secret.

He said the boy, called Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, would be under his ‘exclusive guardianship’.

However, earlier last month, a British newspaper claimed that the mother was a 20-year-old UK student who had a one-night stand with the Portuguese star.

The newspaper claimed that the woman had accepted 10 million from Ronaldo to give up her rights as a parent. She later changed her mind and called the 25-year-old, demanding to see the boy.(ANI)

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