Romance Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

When films are made for a selected target audience, care has to be taken to write and execute them which will work with that targeted audience. Romance also falls under that category but fails miserably in fulfilling the criteria.

The movie is the story of Krishna (Prince), who wants to have a ‘perfect’ girl in his life, and hence plans to have a ‘romantic’ affair with two women, and then select the one with the better ‘character’. The first half is composed of him evaluating them based on a strategy suggested by his group of friends.  By the time he realizes the better among the two, the better girl starts on a mission to test him back. The rest of the movie is a series of seduction tests and how the beloved hero comes out in flying colors.

The story-line is wafer-thin, but since the genre may not allow focusing on the content, so we shall forgive it for having a poor story-line.  The biggest drawback is the humor which miserably fails. The writer inserts umpteen ‘funny’ dialogues which try too hard to make us laugh, but hardly successful. The writer would have assumed it that the dialogues would save the movie, and the punch-lines can bring the crowd. Unfortunately, the quality could not match quantity, as the humor was very mediocre. Also, the director has executed some scenes which try to be creative apparently, but the creativity induced in it rather makes it sick.

On a high level, another mistake the makers committed was having no clear idea on what is the thought they wanted to convey. The film waivers between a message-oriented to a B-grade flick to even a C-grade flick. It ends up nowhere making the movie a self-contradictory piece of assumed creative work. There is a heavy stereo-typing portrayed on the young generation, but again, it tries to say they are not so.

The only factors that go in favor of the movie were some decent performances by Prince and the female. The first half is also OK, as the quick pace doesn’t distract us and the interval point is good. However, the second half is a big drag, with unending seduction tests which is actually a test of patience to the viewer.

‘Romance’ is nothing but a sequence of limitless seduction tests, which tries to be creative but end up as a test of patience.

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