‘Rojulu Marayi’ for Director Maruthi?

Maruthi Director
Maruthi Director

Director Maruthi made his directorial debut with adult films which dealt with present youth. He tasted commercial successes by choosing subjects that would give him ample scope for adult dialogues and vulgar situations.

His craze continued for around two years and then films like ‘Love You Bangaram’ proved that people are not anymore love his adult films. He then changed gears and made Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, which surprised many when it was given U certificate by CBFC. The film did well at the box office and became a blockbuster.

Just when we were thinking that Maruthi has changed, he has announced a new film titled ‘Rojulu Marayi’. The film is being directed by one of his assistants and it is said to be a subject concerning present generation issues and will be vintage Maruthi film.

So Maruthi scored a blockbuster by selecting the title from a old Telugu movie song lyric, and now again he selected the old title for his new movie. Maruthi scoring the hits with old movies.

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