Roja injured in Chittoor – TDP, YSRC fight

YSRC leader Roja encountered tough time in her constituency. As a wining leader, Roja was invited to Nagari Ammavari Jathara in Chittoor district. Roja went along with her YSRC leaders and TDP leaders were already present in that arena.

Roja Injured in TDP and YSRC Fight

It seems that there is a tradition of giving special status to the winning MLA in that Jathara. Sources revealed that a fight took place in that arena between TDP and YSRC on this special status. Finally, it led to the injury of Roja in that spot. Situation is stated to be under control and Roja has been given first aid on spot.

Roja as well as YSRC candidates may further raise this aspect in the assembly. TDP leaders too might be having a strong reason for this fight. We have to wait for some more time to have more clarity on this fight. Stay tuned for more updates.

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