Roja imitates Balakrishna in assembly lobby


Roja and Balakrishna pair is considered to be a hit one in Tollywood. They worked for around 6 films and they share good friendship on the sets. Outside the sets too, Roja will move friendly with Balakrishna. She even worked with TDP and Chandra Babu in the past and at that time Balakrishna supported Roja in all the ways.

But now, they are on opposite teams and the situation is not at all the same. Balakrishna and Roja are expected to fight in the assembly hall in the upcoming days. In this scenario, Roja came out with a hilarious video which turned out to be a parody of Balakrishna’s dialogues. She started with “Aa Rojullo Nannagaru…” and made hand movements too in a hilarious way.

Even though Roja did this just for fun, it may turn serious if Balakrishna watches this video. Even few Nandamuri Fans are furious on Roja on this aspect. Lets see how Balakrishna reacts for this video. “Will he imitate Roja or will be just shoot a powerful dialogue in his fashion?” is yet to be known.

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