Rogue Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Movie Name Rogue
Movie Cast Ishaan,Mannara Chopra,Angela Krislinzki, Thakur Anoop Singh
Director Puri Jagannadh
Music Director  Sunil Kashyap
Producer CR Manohar
Release Date March 31, 2017

Getting introduced into film industry with a top most director is a herculean task and it only happens if you have so much luck or super rich family. All people consider this as a proper launch pad and believe it will boost their career up. Dashing director Puri Jagannath is a well known top director who has given some memorable hits to our stars is coming with a film called “ROGUE” introducing Ishaan in Telugu and Kannada film industry. Maro Chantigadi Premakatha is its subtitle which gives reference to director’s one of the biggest hit “Idiot”. Mannara Chopra and Angelina are female leads and Sunil Kashyap is the music director for this movie. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres!


Rogue Movie Still
Rogue Movie Still

Chantigaadu (Ishaan) is in love with Anjali (Angela) madly and she is sister of commissioner of police. She finds better qualities than Chantigaadu in the person whom his brother fixes her marriage with and tells Chanti that her brother is forcing her to marry whom his brother choose. Putting this in mind he attacks her marriage venue and is shot by encounter specialist and he accidentally makes a constable (Satya) paralyzed. After returning from jail, he takes the responsibility of taking care of constable’s family and comes across Anjali (Mannara Chopra), constable’s sister. He rescues her from being attacked by a Psycho (Anup Singh Thakur) whom he has known earlier. What happens next? How he solves the problem of Psycho with Anjali forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance
Ishaan is okay in his role as Chantigaadu. He could have more concentrated on his expressions more than his looks. He is believable in action sequences and looks dashing. Angela is gorgeous in her looks and bad at acting and expressions. Mannara Chopra is okay as Anjali. Satya Dev is good. Ajaz Khan and Subbaraju are nice. Posani Krishna Murali is good. Thulsi is nice as hero’s mother. Anup Singh Thakur is impressive as Psycho. Ali tried to give humorous relief but failed miserably. All others are okay in their characters.

Writing Department

Rogue Telugu Movie Poster
Rogue Telugu Movie Poster

Story is very routine in Puri Jagannath style and offers nothing new. Screenplay is very bad and fails to engage audience. Some dialogues are good.

Technical Departments
Songs composed by Sunil Kashyap are nice and good to hear but they seem to be heard before. May be music director’s choice of singers is giving us that feel. His background score is okay. Visuals captured by Mukesh G are colorful and good to watch. Action sequences are well composed and production values are good.


  • Visuals


  • Story
  • Screenplay

Rogue begins with the love story of Ishaan and Angela, which makes no impact until the action sequence and jail sequences except for the eye delight visuals. It runs in the same formulaic way of Puri Jagannath which neither entertains nor engage audience. In addition to this boring screenplay, there is a comedy track (in the view of makers) featuring Ali and his beggars batch which doesn’t induce any laugh among audience. Hero’s characterisation is so bad and do not have any impact on audience. Interval point comes where a Psycho is introduced in the form of Anup Singh Thakur whose character is nothing different from the Ishaan’s except for violent behaviour. Second half is just the story between two psychos in the form of hero and villain and the love story between Ishaan and Mannara Chopra. Director Puri Jagannath who is suffering from the series of flops has not changed even a bit in terms of story and characterizations of his actors. He is following the same formula from the beginning of his career. He should direct stories written by some other writers as he became monotonous and be back in form. To summarise, Rogue is one of the badly written film from Puri Jagannath and is easily forgettable debut for a debutante.

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