Rocky Handsome Review – Machoic Show of John Abraham

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Adapting or remaking from Hollywood has become more routine and makers are running behind Hollywood blockbusters and money spinners. Many movies were remade in past like Brothers, Bang Bang, the previous year. Latest flick to join that list is Handsome Hunk John Abraham starrer “Rocky Handsome”, an adaptation of “ The Man From Nowhere” directed by Nishikanth Kamat for Hindi. Already a huge buzz is generated around it by it’s trailers and songs. Let’s see how it works on us.


A still from Rocky Handsome
A still from Rocky Handsome

Kabir Ahlawat aka Rocky aka Handsome (as called by his neighbours) is a pan broker who lends money for security. He has an emotional bonding with a seven year old girl, who happens to be his neighbour. One day, she is kidnapped by leader of drug mafia and her mother is killed by selling her all the body parts. He goes on search of her and ANC department focuses on him. When they start to find all about him, they aren’t unable to track him down. They focus more on him as he beats their officials to go away when he is arrested. Who is Rocky?? Why is the child kidnapped?? What’s their bonding form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Rocky Handsome Poster
Rocky Handsome Poster

John Abraham as Kabir Ahlawat aka Rocky Handsome is terrific. He steals the show with his abilities. Whole movie relies on his power. Shruthi Hassan as Rukshidha is good. She has a very limited screen presence who comes in flash back in regular intervals. Sharadh Kelkar is superb as ANC officer. Nishikanth Kamat as Kevin, a drug dealer, bad guy of the movie is good. He stays always as safe as hiding in a bullet proof car. Ted Maurya, another bad guy and brother of Kevin did a nice job. He offers some interesting acts in his role. Nathalia Kaur as drug addict and a dancer at a pub is only meant for her skin show. She has nothing to do more than that. Divya Chelwad, small girl for whom our Rocky goes on search is good. But she always seemed to have some fear on her face. All other actors are adequate in their roles.

Writing Department

Plot of the story is simple. Screenplay is not so gripping and loses it flow easily. Dialogues are good. As this is an official remake of Man from Nowhere, dialogues are also seemed to be translated from the original.

Technical Departments

Songs of the movie are soothing and good to hear. They are well composed by Sunny Bawra and Inder Bawra. They did a fine job with their background music. Rock the party by Bombay Rockers team is also good. Cinematography by Shanker Raman is fantastic. His work complements the flow of the film well and scenes are superbly shot. Editing is neat. Kecha, who composed fights for Telugu film Iddharammayilatho has done a superb job with this movie. Production values are nice.


  • John Abraham as Rocky Handsome
  • Cinematography by Shanker Raman


  • Screenplay


Rocky Handsome is an official remake of Man from nowhere a 2010 released korean film. It begins with a romantic love making song between Shruthi Hassan and John Abraham. This movie can be said as a faithful remake where dialogues are also copied. Screenplay takes this film elsewhere putting theme aside. Fleeting runtime does not add. When the identity of John Abraham is revealed it seems to be on track. But disaappoints big time. Background score is what it makes movie pathetic. Director Nishikanth Kamat just relies on the machoic avatar of John Abraham, who is fit to take down ten men at a stretch. It is his machoic show and is nothing more than that. To sum up, this remake fails to carry the emotion of the original.

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