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It’s always been said that to attain something people sometime have to compromise for something. Sometimes these compromises make the journey to the desired future enjoyable and sometimes, people have nothing but to repent for whatever he had done in the name of compromise. The film, Rock On, rocks on that basic thought only.


They, namely Aditya (Farhan), Joe (Arjun), KD and Rob (Luke Kenny), fight hard to take their band ‘Magik’ to the position of number one. They get the opportunity to hit the music chart with an opportunity won in a competition of Channel V. The music channel also provides them with a chance of recording their first album. But no victory comes without its different effects. Here also, they have to compromise few things and the situation takes Joe away from Aditya. Magik gets closed. Aditya leaves all his friends and turns into a businessman while on the other hand, Joe keeps himself happy with his guitar.


Story rolls for ten years. One day Aditya’s wife (Prachi) comes to know about Aditya’s band Magik and to make Aditya happy, she arranges a reunion party for all his friends who were involved in the band. And the reunion gives a rebirth to the band also. They all fight for another chance at the Channel V stage.


Farhan has really overshadowed other actors in his debut film. Others are also looking cool in their respective roles. As far as the film is concerned, it can easily be called a package with visuals mixing properly with audio. Actors are rock stars and their stage presence is superb. While as a film it’s a great gift to the viewers, for listeners, too, it’s a wonderful presentation. After his negative performance in OSO, Arjun has brilliantly proved how matured an actor he is. With Prachi’s performance, it looks like she has a future in Bollywood. The combination of visuals with dialogue looks really nice on the screen. Direction is really praiseworthy.


After a long time, a film is made to touch all the generations. Hats off to Farhan and Abhishek Kapoor.

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