Rihanna strips down to two-piece!

Rihanna staged another sexually provocative performance for her Loud tour in Baltimore, Maryland, as she slipped into a revealing pair of hot-pants and a bra, thrusting her way through her songs with some of her most risqué dance moves so far.

The ‘Bajan’ star took the show to another level as her embellished two-piece, leaving little to the imagination, clung tightly to her dangerous curves. Her hot-pink vinyl ankle boots and giant florescent hoop earrings added extra wow factor to her appearance.

Much to the delight of the crowd, starting out the performance in a metallic blue mini-trench she stripped down on stage into the revealing attire.

The crowd went even crazier when the pop star greeted her fans as she knelled on the stage, reports the Daily Mail.

The risqué performance comes after Rihanna was forced to defend her controversial new music video ‘Man Down’, insisting ‘this is the real world’.(ANI)

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